Posts Categorized: March 2022

Automation and defence

Matthew Price explores the benefits of autonomy when it comes to ground-based vehicles and security The defence industry has been moving towards vehicle autonomy for some time. Most existing automation has been adopted in the air and sea domains as navigating in these environments has a lower level of complexity. Autonomous and semi-autonomous drones are… Read more »

Search and destroy

Paul D Turner explains the importance of Visible Light Communication when it comes TSCM Like all modern communication technologies, there are generally powerful security features and built-in safeguards that tend to provide a reasonable measure of technical security. However, threat actors have a nasty habit of finding and exploiting direct and indirect technology weaknesses, and… Read more »

Protect duty

Paul Haggerty looks at the results of the UK Government’s consultation on the Protect Duty and what the planned legislation will mean for businesses. With a number of high-profile terror attacks in the UK in recent years, in February 2021 the Government launched a public consultation on the implementation of a legal ‘Protect Duty’ for… Read more »

Time to upskill?

James Hadley reveals why the defence sector must optimise its workforce with cybersecurity upskilling We know that a single phishing email is all it takes for bad actors to launch an attack that could take down a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. This is one of the reasons cybersecurity professionals often talk about humans as a weakness in… Read more »

Machine learning

Tim Wallen discusses what is needed to lay the foundations for the success of next-gen cybersecurity technologies. The expanding scope and sophistication of cybercrime is a significant problem. When we hear the word ‘cybercriminal’, there’s a tendency to picture a single individual hidden away in a dark dingy garage, operating from an old-school laptop. And… Read more »

Strategic planning

Jawhar Farhat examines the need for a national security plan in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine The establishment and maintenance of a secure society requires a strong, and professional security state. As a result, governments will strive to integrate law enforcement agencies’ work and coordinate it to increase impact, focus duties and reduce… Read more »

Play it safe

Craig Swallow wonders how, in an age of hybrid working, organisations can ensure employees are safe Every employer organisation has risks and a duty of care to ensure its employees are safe within the workplace. Many employees do not work in one fixed place and this situation can change day to day, a factor that… Read more »