Posts Categorized: March 2017

Travel safe

Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on the growing pressures on the hotel industry to keep its customers safe It has certainly been an uncertain decade for the hospitality industry. A series of high-profile terror attacks means that many hoteliers and restauranters have to face the fact that crime is not the only threat to their business and… Read more »

Man’s best friend

Beverley Webb explains the continuing importance of dogs for the security industry In an increasingly interconnected world, new threats to security seem to emerge almost daily. Cyber warfare and the omnipresent threat of terrorism are two of the most complex challenges to our safety and security in the 21st century. Technology plays an ever-greater role… Read more »

Water sector security

Catherine Laug examines potential threats and the importance of hi-tech solutions The National Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan, a document that unifies a nation’s energy, nuclear, finance, transport and water sectors identifies the very real threat our world faces from terrorism. Although it is not the only threat facing our global infrastructure, terrorism is unfortunately a… Read more »

Threatwatch Europe

Blanka Kolenikova and Matthew Henman report on the latest incident hotspots and terrorist group action Ukraine Public willingness to protest has been fomented by the current Government’s liberal approach, political pluralism across all levels and the freedom of media; it was also aggravated by the economic difficulties and continued Government instability. This provides an environment… Read more »

Canada’s security concerns

Timothy Compston reports on the security issues giving Canadian decision makers cause for concern Canada, whose cities tend to rank highly in global surveys of where people would like to live, has a well-deserved reputation as a peaceful, democratic and multi-cultural society. Consequently, it’s far from being the first country that comes to mind in… Read more »

Cyber insurance: Getting it right

Anamika Kumari examines the outlook for the evolution of the cyber insurance market The cyber insurance market is constantly evolving as a paradoxical segment where fear continues to drive custom, while conversely industry inefficiency ensures growth of the insurance industry. Whether large corporations or small-to-medium- sized enterprises, consumers understand the key importance of data that… Read more »

System down time

Jason Andersen explains the risks to an organisations’ assets during unexpected down time The constant threat of terrorist attacks and the increasingly sophisticated activities of organised criminal gangs has meant that more than ever it is crucial for security systems to be continuously available and effective. The consequential losses are often far greater than any… Read more »