Posts Categorized: June 2021

Lines of communication

Tim Williams reveals how the PACE method delivers assured communications in the battlefield For any operation, the implementation of Command and Control (C2) communications is a complex and essential activity that requires in depth planning to overcome many complexities. The task is further exacerbated by the deployment of forces in a region where the quality… Read more »

Face facts

Tony Porter explains how Facial Recognition Technology can support post-COVID recovery As many industries across the globe enter a period of recovery, technology remains central to helping us scale and evolve. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular has supported a number of enterprises, with 77 percent of organisations stating that the technology has played a role… Read more »

In the dark

Matt Medley highlights the crucial role of supporting software to facilitate critical information exchange, aggregation and synchronisation As military operations across land, air and sea become increasingly distributed, keeping an up-to-date view of equipment status requires a robust digital backbone. This backbone has certainly grown over the last 12 months, as more organisations progress on… Read more »

Where next for Iran?

Jason M Brodsky reports on the search for the successor to Mohsen Fakhrizadeh The assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in November 2020 resulted in much handwringing over how Iran will respond. Less discussed is how his death sparked a renewed round of factional and institutional infighting over his legacy and the future of the intellectual wealth… Read more »

Knowledge is power

Chuck O’Leary reveals the importance of training when it comes to access control systems The world of security is changing rapidly and it might be difficult for those who are brand new to this industry to know where to start and how to navigate these changes. For those interested in strengthening and streamlining their security… Read more »

Come together

Lucas Young examines the importance of managing security risks with partnerships and reveals how customers and manufacturers can cooperate Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) operators face the perennial challenge of developing and managing a security strategy in a complex and ever-changing landscape. Security managers have to consider both current needs while ensuring an operational capability to… Read more »

All change

Georges Tannous reports on the changing face of physical security Pandemic-related economic factors are likely to continue to present challenges across many industries in 2021. While the global pandemic has certainly taken the world by surprise, the security industry excels at planning for the unexpected and is resourceful in times of crisis. However, at a time when budgets are tight, many businesses,… Read more »