Posts Categorized: July/August 2018

The big screen

Tony Tielen reports on how people screening demands are diversifying As increasing threats from terrorism and drug trafficking permeate society, the demand for people screening is growing and already covers not only transport hubs, but also any secure facility or areas where large numbers of people congregate – for example, government buildings, sports arenas, power… Read more »

Aviation terrorism

Mark Brace examines the increasing use of on-board improvised explosive devices on commercial flights Aviation continues to be a high-impact, media-spectacular target for terrorist groups globally. While a range of methods have been employed by such groups – from firearms attacks at airports, through hijacking and using the aircraft itself as a weapon, to surface-to-air… Read more »

Women in cyber security

Ruth Massie explores the shortage of women in this growing area and examines what can be done about the shortfall Take a group of 10 people working in the cyber security industry globally, and you’ll find that only one of them will be a woman. The 2017 Frost & Sullivan report, Women in Cybersecurity, goes… Read more »

Access denied

Pia Hantoft explains why access control is the fastest growing sector in physical security Access control has, for the second year running, been the fastest growing sector in the physical security industry, with an increase of around 5 percent compared with 2016. Access control now accounts for 24 percent of the total market. The technology,… Read more »

Finding a balance

Keiron Dalton discusses the existing vulnerabilities in 4G mobile infrastructure and the way forward for customer authentication Many of us have become highly reliant on mobile banking by now as a means of managing our finances both quickly and efficiently, which is why we feel so anxious when a story about a security vulnerability hits… Read more »

Dealing with the malware threat

Daniel Driver explores the growing threat of malware and what can be done to fight back In reality, the biggest security threat that most organisations are exposed to exists within their own network. Social Engineering is a growing method for hackers who want to break into networks, and endpoint security cannot identify if an authorised… Read more »

Securing your place in the industry

Sarah Hayward reports on the increased recruitment opportunities for the right applicants We have reached an interesting juncture in the world of security. No longer is the industry purely seen as the preserve of former police and military professionals, it is now firmly (and rightly) recognised as a career in its own right. This is… Read more »