Posts Categorized: July/August 2021

A question of timing

Brian Michael Jenkins and Bruce R Butterworth reveal the findings from their latest study about the safest times to travel on public transport The one question police and security officials responsible for public transportation want to know is: when are attacks on passenger rail or city bus systems most likely to occur? It turns out… Read more »

International Security Expo 2021

The essential security show returns to London this September International Security Expo will return to Olympia, London from 28-29 September, reuniting the entire security market at the show’s first face-to-face event for over 18 months. Thousands of vetted visitors will come together under one roof looking to source the latest security products and solutions for… Read more »

Organisational risk

Amy Hodler outlines suggestions on how your security team can calculate exposure and protect against cyber attacks When we look at reining in and limiting nefarious activity on organisational networks, it helps to think like a criminal. Criminals look for vulnerabilities. They think in ‘graphs,’ while the organisations they target usually think in lists, combating… Read more »

Grand designs

Iain Moran explains why it’s important to balancing aesthetics and security in urban design Public awareness of security issues in the UK has undoubtedly risen in recent years, following a number of high-profile terror incidents starting with the July 2005 suicide attacks in London.However, despite the terror threat in the UK remaining ‘substantial’ more than… Read more »

Face time

Sanjay Gupta on biometrics: the changing face of facial recognition technology From facial recognition scans that unlock our smartphones to medical wearables monitoring our heart rates, biometrics technologies have become a near inescapable part of our daily lives.For those who’ll be lucky enough to travel in the coming years, biometric screenings and contactless travel experiences… Read more »

The New Normal

Neil Killick reports on how smart technology can be used to promote safety and security in post-pandemic cities Since 1950, the percentage of the population living in cities and urban areas has risen by 90 percent and by 2050 this is expected to rise to an additional 2.5-billion. Rapid urbanisation does not come without its… Read more »

Security risk management

Alan Cain explains what healthcare and higher education security risk managers and emergency planners can learn from each other For the first time in his adult working life, Alan Cain contemplates not having the word ‘security’ anywhere in his job title. His focus, now that he is working in the healthcare sector, is completely on… Read more »

Proactive protection

Martin Riley reveals why it’s vital to put security at the forefrontof digital transformation It’s no secret that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on digital transformation. Many companies have been forced to accelerate their transformation efforts and have invested more in new technologies over the past year than they may have the previous five…. Read more »