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The ISIS offensive

As ISIS militants continue to steamroller across Iraq, John Chisholm examines the factors behind the group’s success and asks whether their campaign is likely to produce the results they desire   The taking of Mosul by members of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has propelled the crisis in northern Iraq into… Read more »

Britain’s Trojan war

Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on allegations that British society is facing an increasingly insidious Islamisation from within   In recent months there have been growing concerns that the UK faces Islamisation by stealth. Scaremongering by the British press had led to fears that Sharia law is to be enshrined in British law and that state schools… Read more »

Training for CBRN

James Milnes argues that ignorance is no excuse when it comes to terrorist CBRN attacks, and calls on governments and private companies to ensure personnel are properly trained to respond to such threats   For many years not enough investment has been made in CBRN training and capability in order to counter the threats that… Read more »

The Mecca of radicalisation

As threat grows from radicalised Europeans returning home from fighting in Syria, Lina Kolesnikova calls for closer intelligence sharing between member nations to help identify suspects     On 24 May 2014, a gunman shot dead two women and a man (they were an Israeli couple in their 50s, and a French female volunteer) at… Read more »

The three Cs of major event security

On the eve of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Chris Plimley shares lessons learned on securing high-profile events over the past two years and says collaboration, communication and consistency are key   Mess up on security at a major global event and you’re never going to live it down. Just ask Nick Buckles and G4S… Read more »

Ready for anything

Chris Taylor discusses the importance of choosing properly certified training and protection companies when preparing to send personnel into hostile environments Personnel employed in areas of conflict and hostile environments face a different set of challenges compared to those working in areas where conflict is uncommon. These threats range from violence perpetuated by armed militias… Read more »

Border failures

Chris Hobbs demonstrates how the UK’s inadequate border controls allow British-based jihadists to threaten UK security, and warns that armed police units doubt they can meet the threat   So now we have it: British Prime Minister David Cameron has publicly indicated that the nation is at risk from terrorist attack that could dwarf anything… Read more »