Posts Categorized: January 2022

Evolving threat

Dominik Birgelen reveals the importance of the Cloud to national defence Cloud computing is an on-demand delivery of IT resources using an internet connection. In other words, instead of investing money in buying and maintaining the physical data centres and servers, organisations can enjoy the same services from a cloud provider based on their needs…. Read more »

Contraband detection

Karen Kingham examines the role that Deep Learning can play in stopping the smuggling of illicit goods into prison Recently, at the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) fourth Technology in Corrections Conference, ODSecurity together with the Netherlands Stenden University of Applied Sciences, presented their thought-provoking paper on an innovative approach to using Deep Learning… Read more »

Lift off

Antony Quinn explores the impact intelligent, hands-free jetpack technology will have on the security sector. The jetpack age has arrived for the security industry – 60 years since the world’s first rocket pack, the Bell Aerosystems Rocket Belt, had its maiden flight. Strapping jet engines to yourself and heading up into the sky was preserved… Read more »

Deep Fakes

Alon Arvatz and Nikolay Gaubitch on the new pandemic on the horizon Last year there were plenty of headlines on organisations suffering from ransomware, phishing and cyber attacks, with the Colonial Pipeline attack in May and Kaseya cyberattack in July making national headlines. This year, however, there may be a new threat – deepfakes.Deepfakes are… Read more »

Going solo

Don Cameron reports on the dangers of lone working and what employers can do to keep staff safe For many organisations, lone working can increase productivity, flexibility and allows businesses to operate on a wider scale. According to the latest HSE statistics, it is estimated that there now are up to 8-million lone workers in… Read more »

Identity confirmed

Ralf Gladis explains why biometrics are the step forward for data protection It’s widely acknowledged that the global pandemic accelerated digitisation, and along with the drive towards contactless payments, consumers have also seen the benefits of adopting biometrics to speed up and ease their payments. But while devices are now being developed to enable fingerprint… Read more »

Testing times

Cathy O’Carroll on the importance of driving defence’s sustainable future with test and evaluation Climate change sits atop of the global agenda as a prominent issue for many industries. With the recent culmination of COP 26, the global environmental impact of human activity on the planet has never been under such scrutiny.With mounting pressure to… Read more »

TSCM legends

Dean La-Vey honours Lee Tracey and Charles Bovill, pioneers of TSCM In July 2019, a genuine pioneer of TSCM passed away at the age of 93. Harold Lee Tracey (known as Lee) was the inventor of the Scanlock; the first truly dedicated TSCM detector for covert radio microphones. Based on his own prototype designs from… Read more »