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Islands of the sun

With tensions continuing to mount in the South and East China Seas over the disputed Senkaku and Spratly islands, John Chisholm analyses the domestic and foreign policy factors fuelling the rhetoric   As 2013 drew to a close, the tensions between Japan and China showed no signs of abating, and this appears unlikely to change… Read more »

What lies beneath

Colin Smith and Phil Andrew explain how advances in multimode multibeam sonar technology can be harnessed to neutralise underwater explosive threats more quickly and safely   Underwater improvised explosive devices (UIEDs) pose an array of challenges for military and homeland security forces tasked with search and deactivation. Just as IEDs up the ante from conventional… Read more »

Border warning

Rupert Swinhoe-Standen considers the use of 360-degree pulse radar in advanced surveillance, security and detection systems for border security and critical infrastructure protection   Area or line surveillance has typically been achieved using a range of techniques and sensors which may promise a great deal but which all have limitations in one way or another…. Read more »

Terror in the family

Dean C Alexander highlights the threat of radicalisation within families, and calls for greater surveillance to detect would-be terrorists and protect those at risk   The participation of brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombings is a recent example of the phenomenon of family-affiliated extremist and terrorist activities globally. This… Read more »

PSIM city

As demand for PSIM-based security solutions gathers pace, Darren Chalmers-Stevens examines what is driving the growth in CNI projects and asks what makes a gold standard for assuring resilience and interoperability   There are a variety of electronic security vendors – from video management and access control to perimeter fencing systems that today leverage the… Read more »

Incubators of Jihad – Part 1

Following the trial of three Royal Marines accused of murder, Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on the emergent terror threat to members of the British armed forces living – and serving time – in the UK   In a landmark legal case, a member of the Royal Marines was sentenced to a minimum of ten years in… Read more »

The cyber review

Seth Berman argues that effective cyber resilience requires regular preparedness reviews, and warns that robust IT security is only part of the solution A survey by the UK Department for Business, Innovation & Skills has reinforced the perception that many UK businesses are woefully unprepared to combat cyber threats. The cyber governance health check tracker,… Read more »