Posts Categorized: February 2022

Looking forward

Henry Wilkinson presents a strategic outlook for the year ahead The state of international relations could scarcely be less conducive to meet the global threats and many other security, crisis and stability risks the world faces in 2022. Amid an uneven and shaky global economic recovery and ongoing pandemic, the coming year will almost certainly… Read more »

Looking back to move forward

How the teachings of the past year can be used to bolster security in 2022 If 2021 has taught the security industry anything, it’s that we’re still far away from reducing the impact of ransomware attacks. Initial access points to networks pervade the internet and threat actors exploit them using three primary techniques. Firstly, via… Read more »

Let there be light

Paul D Turner examines the historical developments and emerging use of visible light communication (VLC) and – from a radio perspective – visible light modulation (VLM) Optical communication technology has been commercialised in the form of LIFI and has become widely utilised in government and military circles as an inherently or at least seemingly more… Read more »

Peace of mind

Jon Fielding reveals why we should all be encrypting our data as standard The UK Ministry of Justice (MOJ) lost 184 mobile phones, PCs, laptops and tablet devices between September 2020-2021, according to its response to a recent Freedom of Information (FOI) request. NHS Digital recorded 393 lost or stolen devices in the same time… Read more »

Cashing in on holigrams

Dr Paul Dunn considers the anti-counterfeiting role holography has played in 20 years of the Euro To understand why the European Central Bank (ECB) decided to place holograms onto the Euro as an anti-counterfeiting feature, you have to go back to the first reports of colour photocopiers being used to counterfeit banknotes, which came at… Read more »

Under pressure

Brian Martin reveals how FOMI is keeping cybersecurity professionals up at night Most people have heard of FOMO (fear of missing out), but it’s more likely to be FOMI – the fear of missing incidents – that’s keeping cybersecurity professionals up at night. A small amount of pressure can sometimes be a good thing; if… Read more »

Setting the trap

Aðalsteinn Jonsson on how stolen devices are being used for phishing Cyber crime is usually thought of as a remote activity perpetrated entirely at a distance. While this is certainly the preferred approach for most criminals, many cyber attacks involve the use of stolen physical devices, which are exploited for further monetary gain. Recently we have… Read more »

Get smart

John Breen explains the importance of adopting an intelligence-led approach for your organisation On 15 January the undersea volcano Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai erupted, sending a plume of ash, steam and gas 30km into the sky, while tsunami waves of up to 15m hit the capital of Nuku’alofa on Tongatapu Island, ‘Eua and Ha’apai Islands within… Read more »

Age is just a number

Gernot Hacker explains why all generations have a role to play in cybersecurity The pandemic has had a profound effect on almost every aspect of our lives, with one of the most visible impacts on the business world being the shift to remote work. Less discussed however, is the way Covid has influenced the labour… Read more »