Posts Categorized: February 2021

Evolving threat

Jules Werner considers the importance of security and defence in the complex threat landscape It would be a mistake to assume today that multi-domain threats are limited purely to an all-out, conventional ‘shooting war’. There are now numerous examples of conventional and asymmetric adversaries; these are characterised by an ability to blend new technology and… Read more »

Power line analytics

Paul D Turner explores deployment strategies for PLC and BPL baseline monitoring and use of near real-time captured spectrum data as a powerful reference tool for comparative analysis Powerful defensive counter-espionage Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology has paved the way for a new analytical power line methodology.The analytical process has decidedly shifted from the uncertainty… Read more »

Access denied

Catherine Laug examines the options when it comes to security and access control for public underground trains The transport sector is vulnerable to safety and security risks, particularly railways and underground train lines. When it comes to public transport, the high number of passengers generates major risks and gives access control a mission-critical role to… Read more »

Eyes in the skies

Nicolas Billecocq reveals new roles for drones and explains how they can solve potential socially distanced security issues When it comes to physical security measures, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. There are always different ways to address different threats, and the physical protection of any property, room or area needs to be designed in accordance… Read more »

Shine a light

Ziv Mador delves into the depths of the Dark Web and explains why it’s important to understand its workings to stay one step ahead of its threat The Dark Web has long served as an invaluable tool for facilitating international crime. From firearms and narcotics to violent services for hire, any illegal item or criminal… Read more »

Prime targets

Christoph Hebeisen reveals how as the world continues to go mobile, cyber threats are following suit Traditionally, cyberattacks have targeted desktop computers and servers in corporate networks. But with the evolution of technology moving our online life into the cloud – both personal and work – attackers are shifting their focus towards smartphones, tablets and… Read more »

Data management

Travis Lee indexes the latest trends in data security Thanks to rapid developments in storage and cloud technology, it has never been easier for organisations to collect, create and store data. The amount of data in the world has continued to grow exponentially for some time, and research from IDC predicts that approximately 50 zettabytes… Read more »