Posts Categorized: February 2014

Fear and loathing in Africa

Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on the Islamist terror threat facing Central Africa   Outside Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, next to the international airport is a sprawling camp home to some 100,000 Christian refugees. They live in squalid conditions and in fear of their Muslim neighbours. This is symptomatic of the vast humanitarian… Read more »

Protecting the realm

The threat of attack by vehicle-borne IEDs remains a grave concern. Marcus Gerrard discusses how the PAS 68 anti-terrorism rating has driven the innovation of a new generation of vehicle-mitigation measures designed to protect critical infrastructure   Since 9/11, anti-terrorist bollards and barriers have become an integral part of the security market place. The purpose… Read more »

Incubators of Jihad – Part 2

Following the trial of three Royal Marines accused of murder, Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on the emergent terror threat to members of the British armed forces living – and serving time – in the UK   What is the threat to Sergeant Alexander Blackman after his conviction for murdering a Taliban fighter and having is anonymity… Read more »

Lockdown: Sochi

As the Winter Olympics begin in Sochi, John Chisholm examines the terrorist groups whose plots threaten to overshadow the Games, and warns of potential security gaps elsewhere in Russia   When considering counter terrorism issues and Russia two things immediately spring to mind: the Caucasus and incidents that leave large numbers of people dead. No… Read more »

The heat of the night

Procuring a suitable and cost-effective day/night perimeter surveillance system can prove challenging. David Montague explores the available technologies and addresses some of the myths surrounding thermal imaging systems   Thermal imaging technology is now generally considered a tried-and-tested technology, and is used in numerous professional surveillance and perimeter security installations around the world. The potential… Read more »

The future of access control

As the public and businesses continue to embrace new security technologies, John Davies and Mike Sussman predict 2014 will be a year of rapid integration and evolution in the access control market   2013 saw a big rise in integrated systems in the security sector, and 2014 looks set to follow this pattern with a… Read more »

The bug-free guarantee

Dean La-Vey ask whether it’s possible for TSCM sweep teams to guarantee clients they have found every surveillance device, and examines some of the factors that affect their results   Every technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) practitioner likes to think they are good at their job. The more experienced they are, the more confident they are… Read more »